Monthly youth class series for 15-23 year olds.


I have always loved teaching youth classes. As I have taught various groups one thing is clear, our kids need more tools to navigate the times we live in! It's my belief that the increase in depression, suicide, anxiety and other stresses is because they are feeling the energetics on the planet, but don't know it and don't know how to navigate it.


Each class will have a teaching portion and a receiving portion.

For example our April class will be about Intuition, what is it, how to strengthen it, etc. We will offer a meditation, sound bath or breath meditation for receiving. 

Classes are the 3rd Thursday of each month. From 7-8:30.

$20 to secure your spot. Venmo me @amandajoylove

Location: Highland, UT 

Check back for class start dates!


Have you been curious about energy but haven't known where to start?


Come and learn the fundamentals of energy with us. Classes will be twice a month with an option of attending all 8 classes as a series or drop-in for one class. Classes will be held on Wednesday’s from 6pm-7:15pm on select dates below. Each class will conclude with an offering to create healing on all levels. This can include sound baths, meditations, and energy work.

This series will cover the following:

  • What is energy?
  •  What are chakras?
  •  Your environment is an extension of you. How can you create healthy space & keep your vibration high?
  • Do you trust your intuition & how to distinguish it?
  •  Are you an empath?
  •  Q&A Do you have a question you're dying to ask? We will answer any and all questions you have.
  • Learn about chords and why it's healthy to cut them.
  • You are the creator of your reality! How to know this on a deep level to manifest the reality you want!

Secure your spot early and purchase the 8 class series for a discounted price of $320 (discount of $80) price also includes the Body of Light meditation from the amazing Holly and an Opening Your Energy centers meditation from me.

Drop in class price is $50. To secure your spot for one time class venmo me @amandajoyloveland

This is a class series that both Holly & I are excited to offer you and we both anticipate a lot of interest in these classes so make sure to secure your spot today!

Highland, UT


About Holly

Holly is an IFBB professional fitness competitor, Ashtanga/Kundalini/Kriya yoga teacher, reiki master, clairvoyant, light healer, channeler, Oklevueha Native American medicine woman, mother of three, and published author of the, "Conscious Breathing Workbook." 
She has over 16 years experience in teaching and guiding yoga science based breath and meditation practices.  She also knows the power of the body and its ability to be in resonance with the True Self, if we but allow ourselves to connect with it.  
Her experiences with the body have lead her to becoming an IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor and was ranked as one of the top 10 athletes in the world at International Arnold Sports Festivals in 2017. 
Holly's multitude of experiences with body, mind, and soul have been the catalyst for the creation of various retreats and mentorships, which is the platform for which she shares her knowledge and experiences.  Her main mission in life s to teach others how to become their own guru and to remember all of who they are.

About Inanda Joy

Inanda, also known as Amanda, is a Shamanic Practitioner of energy medicine, Reiki practicioner, intuitive visionary, public speaker, successful entrepreneur, published author of “Love & The Spaces In Between”, and mother of the infamous Brady Bunch - Version 2.0 (4 children, 3 step-children, 2 dogs, and 1 pretty awesome doting husband). 
As a seeker of truth and student of life, Inanda has practiced and studied various modalities, religions, Wicca and Reiki. Throughout these practices and studies, she has become dedicated to being in alignment with her sovereign and highest self; embracing what her unique expression and gifts are meant to be in this life and shared with the world through her practice and teachings.   
Inanda offers individual client sessions, group sessions, retreats, speaking engagements, and workshops dedicated to spiritual and energetic alignment offering healing, tools, growth and expansion. Her passion is assisting others to remember who they are as they find their authentic expression to their own lives, stepping into their unique autonomous selves and embracing their beautiful gifts in all that they are. Are you ready to step into your badass self!