Leaving Religion Tools

 Tools to assist you in your faith transition.

Guided Meditation Bundle

Are you feeling stuck or discouraged in your faith transition? Often times there is energetic holdings within your field that need to be seen, released and cleared so that you can have that new awareness of what truth gets to look like for you now that you have left religion.

This offering is for all four of my guided journeys. They are meant to do in order so you will take it like a course.

Each meditation is a beautiful release which allows for openings and new awareness to come in.

You will first start with the process to allow the God you knew to fully be put to rest in this guided journey. Then, when you feel ready, step into my guided process to clear and release promises, covenants, cords and ordinances. This is a very powerful process and is needed to allow new pieces to come in.

Once this is complete, join me as we reconnect you to heaven and earth.

And finally, the last meditation in this bundle, is a guided journey to step into a new relationship with God/Spirit/Source. You will be surprised as to what comes in.


Can I trust myself?

This is a question most people ask after leaving religion. The truth is, YES, it was your inner guidance that assisted you in leaving in the first place. That is a connection you have always had that will never go away. It was not there because you were in a religion. It is there because you are a human and everything you are seeking resides within you. You now get to develop these muscles differently now that religion is no longer in the way. Be patient with yourself in this process and give yourself grace.


Spiritual Transition

When you leave religion it can be extremely difficult, hell it often is! Moving through the layers of conditioning, programs, relationships with loved ones that may still be in, your relationship with God now and so much more.

You are probably asking questions to yourself like, "do I really know how to trust myself?" "Did I make a mistake in leaving?" "Am I going to go to hell?"

The hard truth is that it can take awhile to really unwind out of a religious construct. The good news, you are not alone and I am here for you!

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Have you listened to my podcast yet? This podcast is full of stories, including mine, of how we navigated the waters after religion and came more home to ourselves. With each story you will recognize that you are not alone in your journey. Each guest shares insights and tools of what assisted them and I know it will assist you in your journey too.


Leaving Religion A Guide

If you are reading this you have left, or are in the process of, leaving religion.

And...most likely you are freaking out a bit. You are wondering where to go next. Asking questions like, how do I heal from the wounding I experienced? Do I believe in God anymore? What do I do with all these emotions I am feeling? How do I tell my family that I am leaving religion? I want to more about spirituality and I have no idea where to start? How do I find a new community? How do I rebuild from here?

I get it. I have been where you are, and I want you to know that you are not alone!

I have news for you, there are thousands of people that have left and are leaving, just like you.

Inside these pages are exercises, practices and journal prompts to assist you in moving through the layers after religion and finding your spiritual center.

This book is a guidebook to assist you in find the answers to all the questions you have been asking and more. Learn how to have a new understanding of who you are truly are and have always been.

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