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Death & Rebirth Guided Journey

You are here because you are feeling the tiredness and the exhaustion of an old aspect of you that is asking to be put to rest. There is an aspect that has been in the drivers seat that is ready to be sent home. When we let an aspect die, we give room for a new aspect of ourselves to come in. With death comes rebirth.

Before you listen to the meditation you will want to do the following:

Grabbing a notebook and pen, spend a few minutes with the part of you that feels exhausted. And write answers to following questions:

How long as this aspect been working for you?

Is he/she tired?

Is he/she exhausted?

Is he/she ready to go back home to God/Source?

What needs to be honored about this aspect?

What needs to be said, expressed and witnessed?

Write it all down.                                     
When this feels complete, burn this paper and step into the death & rebirth process with me in this guided meditation. If you cannot create a fire, your bbq is a great place to burn this.

Once you are done with this process, join me for 14min as we go through the next process.