Working with Keira Poulsen accelerates the process of receiving and writing a book.  She is a genius with spiritual gifts allowing her to see the writer’s blocks and help clear them so the flow can return.   What a privilege to work with her this weekend in person and be able to witness her serve all the authors individually with her gifts!!!!! - Angel Lyn

Some things of the spirit world are harder to articulate because words seem to fall short in the full description of a spiritual experience. My experience with Amanda has been transformative, and healing. I cleared a lot of things that held me back. It was a kind and gentle practice, connecting to seen and unseen in a powerful and productive way. I have had a lot of significant breakthroughs that feel like they are permanent. I am so grateful I followed my heart to work with Amanda. I am grateful for the work she does and sharing her gifts. I would recommend her to anyone seeking healing and guidance. The world needs her magic.” - Kathleen

It’s hard to describe the magic that was experienced over just a few days with Keira and a group of women who said yes to expanding their hearts and soul missions together in communion. I had powerful breakthroughs that strengthened my relationship with the Divine, with myself, and with sisters who showed up in such beautiful ways. My creativity was heightened and my love for myself and life was even more ignited. I’m so glad I said yes to this experience. If you get a chance to share a retreat experience with Keira, I promise you won’t regret it. Working with her has been life changing. I feel seen and supported in my feminine and my masculine. Thank you Keira for leading with whole hearted authenticity and devotion to your soul mission. Gathering with you and the mastermind women has been the solidarity and communion I needed to bring my dreams to life, brighten my inner light, and have faith in my own vision. -Julie Elizabeth

Retreat includes:

  • 5-Star accommodations in a 8,000sqft home located in Springdale, UT.

  • Daily practices to connect you to your book and assisting you in moving through any blocks or resistance.

  • Daily lunches provided.

  • Time dedicated to writing each day.

  • Healing sound baths and meditations.

  • Connecting with sacred land in Zion's national park.


Combining Keira’s gifts of helping authors spiritually receive their book, and Amanda’s shamanic gifts of healing- you will leave this retreat with clarity, pathways opened and your book in massive flow.

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Amazing retreat! I had no expectations except to be open to receive and give and grow. It really left me with a lot of self awareness and opening to my self and helped me excel allow my path. Being with so many like minded people made me so confident to continue to just step into who I am more without any reservations. Not only that but literally the energy of the group was just so pure, positive, light and love. I hadn't truly realized until I got back home how different vibration the group of people existed at compared to many people I interact with day to day. I am still so peaceful and happy more and more each day since getting back. I feel an overall raised vibration. My daily life is similar but how I show up for myself and others has changed. It’s hard to describe! People have asked me when they interact with me or talk to me that something is different. It’s difficult to describe the experience in words. Cannot wait for more people to experience the love and healing you both provide people to see their own love and how we are our own best healers if we can tap into our best highest self. When is the next retreat? - Lynsey

About your facilitators

Keira Poulsen

Keira Poulsen is a mother to 5 kids, an author, podcaster, healer and CEO of Freedom House Publishing Co. and a spiritual guide.

Keira believes that now is the time when sacred writing is coming to the earth and she teaches women how to receive these books versus writing books. She has many tools and practices that help authors get out of their minds and intro the flow of receiving.

Keira also supports women in publishing their books and then creating successful businesses of light with the message of their book.

She offers digital courses on healing practices, spiritual business, and writing books. Keira also has a Mastermind for omen to join in community and get massive support through her coaching sessions and master teachers.

Amanda Joy

Amanda is a Shamanic practitioner of energy medicine, NLP practitioner, Reiki practitioner, intuitive visionary, podcaster, public speaker, published author of “Love & The Spaces In Between”, and mother of the infamous Brady Bunch - Version 2.0 (4 children, 3 step-children, 2 dogs, and 1 pretty awesome doting husband). 
As a seeker of truth and student of life. Throughout hundreds of hours in practices and studies, she has become dedicated to being in alignment with her sovereign and highest self; embracing what her unique expression and gifts are meant to be in this life and shared with the world through her practice and teachings.   
Amanda offers retreats, online courses, meditations, speaking engagements, one-on-one immersive individual programs and workshops dedicated to spiritual and energetic alignment offering healing, tools, growth and expansion. Her passion is assisting others to remember who they are as they find their authentic expression to their own lives, stepping into their unique autonomous selves and embracing their beautiful gifts in all that they are.

The connections made at the retreat I just attended with Keira were were absolutely life changing. Not only did I make beautiful new friendships for life, but I had massive breakthroughs with my writing and it  changed me on a cellular level.  I literally came home a different person than when I got there. I am really feeling into the powerful, connected woman that came out in me in just 4 days.  Keira has such a gift of helping you break the barriers and see where you're stuck.  I am so grateful I attended and finished my book while I was there! Thank you thank you! - Amy H.

“The retreat was a beautiful experience. Location was exquisite and comfortable. Loved the teachings, and open discussions - complete with many take-always! My husband and I came with open hearts and left full of gratitude.  Amanda is an amazing and gifted teacher, the space she held was sacred, beautiful and safe. One of my favorite parts was the multiple meditations she led. I would highly recommend attending any of Amanda’s retreats for anyone looking to up level their personal growth. And I imagine you will leave with a few more beautiful souls, you’ll now see as friends.” - Kelly & Jessica 


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