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I help you break through the chains that are holding you back in life by clearing the binds through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.


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Three of my paths to explore:

Podcast Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind
My Book, Love & The Spaces in Between
Energy Centers Meditation

A more balanced life

As a Shamanic practitioner, Reiki healer, Intuitive and through timeline therapy and NLP techniques I guide you through meditations and journeys to clear the mental, emotional and energetic binds.


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These popular tools are a great place to start if you are not familiar with my methods.

Finding your perfect partner

I have known the pain of going through divorce, seperation, toxic and abusive relationships and navigating all of this with four children.  I know how manipulative and challenging abusive relationships are and the desire to find my forever partner. "I deserve a healthy and beautiful love don't I?", I would ask myself. Is any of this resonating with you? Take my relationship quiz to find out how healthy your relationship is and get access to a limited offering that I have created.

Or get my book to further explore and assist you in attracting your forever partner, Love & The Spaces In Between


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Faith Transition

In 2012 I felt the call to step away from my religion, Mormonsim. As I have gone through my own healing and experience of my faith transition I have since also helped many others. Listen to my story on my podcast, Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind along with many other beautiful guests. Each episode reminds us that we are not alone in our journey and that there are always gifts in every experience.

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You are here because you are looking for something more in your life. All healing starts within. After spending years with my own personal healing, going through several types of trainings and THOUSANDS of dollars I have created several avenues to assist you in your healing.

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Hi! I'm Amanda, guide, Shamanic practitioner, NLP practitioner, author & podcaster. I feel my purpose in this life is to assist individuals in re-remembering all that they are and living the life they are meant to live.


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Are you needing some assistance with resetting your system? Grab one of my guided meditations to help bring you back to your center and into a calm more grounded state of being.


Clearing & Cleansing Your Chakras


Be guided to connect into each chakra bring awareness and attention to what needs to be felt and witnessed. Then let go of what is no longer serving, eventually bringing you to a zero point. To stillness. Leave feeling refreshed and energized ready to face your day from a more centered place.

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Reset & Reboot your system


Spend 19 minutes with me as I guide you through disconnecting your circuits of energy, allow for a clearing, then re-connect allowing for new information to come in and allowing for you to up level. When is the last time you gave yourself the gift of stillness, of self care?

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