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Did you know that you can have
a beautiful, full life?

One where you really live the life of your dreams? All you have to do
is choose into your healing, into the learning, the growth and
shedding the layers that are not serving you.

Sounds easy right?


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Everything is about choice if
you truly want more in life, you
have to make the choice to dive in.

Are you feeling tired, feeling the
heaviness of your life?

Are you feeling like you know there is more to life than what
you are currently experiencing?
Or maybe you are feeling like you are just on the edge of a
breakthrough but can't quite get there?

Where is your unconcious mind
running your life?

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner state.
Did you know that your world is constantly giving you feedback to what's going on inside of you?
How do you change what's happening in your world?
Heal & change the places within you that are attracting it. It's that simple.

Life gets to be enjoyed, fun,
purposed and full of abundance.

Healing and growing your spiritual muscles doesn't have to feel
overwhelming or scary but instead gets to be fun and exciting!
Can you really uncover who you really are by finding your
spiritual center? Absolutely yes! Your connection to the divine
and to your gifts is your birthright.

Are you getting in your own
way of experiencing it all?

One of my favorite quotes, by Marianne Williamson says,

"Our deepest fear is not that we inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are not powerful beyond
measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be
brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world."

I offer tools to help you improve through
the fear and step into your greatness.

I am passionate about guiding you in your most authentic self and
in ultimately living the life of your dreams.
How do I assist you in doing this? Through my courses, my books, retreats, podcasts, guided meditations and more!

Through years of my own personal study, practices, and my journey I have become a Shamanic practitioner of energy medicine, an NLP practitioner, reiki practitioner, intuitive guide, podcaster, speaker, author, and teacher. Through all of this I feel that my purpose is to guide you accessing all that you truly are.

Come lean into your light. integrating your

shadows,to feel the wholeness of all that you are.

Do you know what it feels like to fully trust yourself?

Do you know how to strenghten your spiritual gifts? Do you know how to receive divine answers and inspiration? Do you know how important it is to live in ayni: right relationship with self?

When you start practicing the tools that I offer, you start to understand that your
world is a reflection of you. If your outer world isn't giving you want.
change what is happening within you. As within so without.

Everything you are desiring is within
you, you just need the keys to unlock it.

I am here to assist you in removing the layers, in diving deeper into your shadows, so that you may know the fullness of all that you are.

You are always on your perfect path. However if you are struggling and are having difficult life, this is your soul's call to lean into your healing and get more in the center of your path. By ignoring your souls call you can get physically sick, depressed, suicidal and more.

Your healing does not have to be as dramatic as the

original wound. Healing does not have to be hard.

You are the creator of your reality.

Are you ready to have more of what you want in life?

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Here are some of my paths to explore:

Sacred Relationships

Do you want that magical, soulful, divine love? That type of love that others seem to have but you don't feel that you have experienced it yet? Do you believe you are worthy of a sacred love?

It is common to get in your own way when it comes to finding and experiencing your divine partner. Through my sacred relationship course you will experience 12 weeks with me where we will dive into topics like: the drama dynamics, the masks you wear, you are not your emotions and so much more.

My course is designed to assists you in seeing those places within yourself that are asking for healing and realignment. Once you do this, once you have that within yourself, your outer world will change and you will call in and experience your sacred relationship.


Leaving Religion

Have you, or are you, leaving religion? Are you feeling like
your foundation has been ripped from underneath you?
Do you wonder if you still believe in God? Are you afraid of
telling your family and friends you are leaving? Come join
me and my guests as we share our stories of navigating
the waters after religion and of finding our true selves.



For those that are truly ready to lean all the into their healing and who want massive changes in their lives, I have a few spots open for my one-on-one three months intensive program. As a Shamanic practitioner, NLP practitioner and intuitive, I assist you in removing the layers to assist you in clearing what no longer serves through the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. I help you find your spiritual center and ultimately come home to yourself.



Retreats are one of my favorite things to create and
facilitate. When you allow yourself to step outside of time
and space, diving into the experience and giving yourself
permission to lean in, magic happens. What if we are here
to see what we are not, so that we can remember all of who
we truly are? Come join me in one of my luxury retreats and
allow yourself to be held by the space to be transformed.


Upcoming Events

Life Elevated Mentorship begins Dec 4th and goes for three months. This group is for those who want to get in touch with what your genius is, develop a deeper relationship with your gifts, get clarity on where you are wanting to go, support in moving through the discomfort of getting to your goals, want to be supported in a group atmosphere and network with other likeminded individuals. Click here to register.

Inner Guru Retreat. Springdale, UT March 16-19th, 2023
This retreat is for those of you who are ready to ignite the inner guru within and activate your gifts. This retreat experience will be full of experiences and exercises to get you in touch with the truest essence of you. Registration coming soon.

Conscious Connection for Singles Retreat Experience. May 2023 (dates coming soon) You Are you single and having a difficult time connecting with like minded individuals? This experience is all about connection and intimacy, but with yourself. Sex is off the table at our retreats as this experience is for those individuals who are looking for true healing and a deeper relationship with themselves so that they may attract that in another. Registration coming soon. Are you a part of our facebook group? If not, join now: Conscious connections group

Speakers Symposium. Oct. 2nd, Highland, UT. Are you ready to burn the scripts? Join myself and other powerful speakers for an immersive event that will leave you empowered and uplifted. We are in a place in our world where it is time to burn the scripts of what we have known so that we can create something new. Are you ready? Registration coming soon.

Guided Meditation Journeys

You have probably heard how important it is to have a daily
meditation practice haven't you? Are you new and not quite sure
where to start? Or maybe you are bored with your usual routine.
Whether you are new or experienced I have a meditation just for
you. Each of my meditation journey's are intuitively given to me.
Each one I have created has been in answer to what you all are
seeking and needing in your life.


"Amanda is a powerful and intuitive woman. I had been feeling stuck, emotional, overwhelmed and shut down. Amanda
guided me through a NLP session and we easily cleared the triggers for the fight or flight response that I have been living in
for the majority of my adult life, Since that session I have found it easier to acknowledge and move through the emotions
and anxiety that previously paralyzed me. My body feels much lighter, like a weight has been lifted off of me and the
creativity is flowing again. Things are flowing again and I feel so much better and the trauma memory is gone. Amanda is
amazing! I would highly recommend a session with her."