It’s Time To Take FULL Ownership For Your Life.

To get to where you are wanting to go, you will have to do what you have never done before.

I am here to guide you back to your souls blueprint for ultimate expression of yourself with love, joy & freedom.

Tired of Feeling Like What You Are Doing Isn't Quite Working?


If you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough, you're not alone.

Most people move through life, desiring more, but never quite feeling like they can reach it. Why? Because there are parts of your brain that are under the surface, running the show. 

Can this be changed? Yes! With the tools, courses and meditations I have created for your mind, body, and soul, you'll learn how to remove old programs, stories that no longer serve, limiting beliefs and connect in a deeper, more solid way, to who you are. For a body transformation program, click here to visit my newest venture, imbody you.

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Faith Without Action is Dead. 

-Florence Scovel Shinn

You are here for a reason, you are ready to take a leap. Where do you want to start?


Are you looking for a step somewhere, but not sure where? Looking for some relief? Come dive into my guided meditation experiences where you can tap into removing blocks, bringing in clarity or releasing old belief patterns.


Are you feeling at war with yourself and looking for some clarity? Take this mini course to help illuminate and bring peace to those places within. (Ps. this course comes for FREE with the sacred relationship course)


Have you left your religion and feel angry, sad, lost and afraid? This four part guided process will assist you in releasing the binds from religion and bring you peace and a new connection.

The imbodi Project


our mission

We help spiritual men and women end the war with themselves by healing first through the body, then the mind, emotions, and spirit.

These are The Four Keys that make up our signature approach. Before you can unlock your highest potential, you have to nurture and love your physical form. This is embodiment.


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From a world of women's fashion as a business owner and CEO to a Shamanic practitioner, NLP practitioner, creator and curator of experiences. I have not had a typical life and one of my superpowers is listening to my intuition and following it when it hits.

I am here to guide you back to yourself and awaken those parts of you that have been asleep so that you may come back to your original souls blueprint.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, unapologetic confidence and cultivating the divine connection that you are seeking to yourself and to the world. You are meant for greatness! 



Are you feeling exhausted, depleted, struggling to feel optimistic and have recently gone through changes? It is possible that there is an old part of your soul that is asking to die. This process is a powerful tool to utilize on your own time, in the comfort of your home to assist you in releasing the old part - sending it home - and then calling in a new part of your soul. 


Have you left religion and are looking to find what is next for you? This book is a beautiful tool to assist you in unwinding old constructs and beliefs from religion and guide you to creating a spiritual connection that is just yours.


Sometimes we just need a bit of a reset. This beautiful guided meditation will assist you in clearing each energy center to bring more lightness and clarity.

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Are you ready?

Feeling Unstable, Try This Root Chakra Meditation

Join me on my YouTube channel for a free guided meditation journey aimed to clear and re-anchor your root chakra. This is a beautiful practice to step into when you need some grounding energy in your life.

Connect to Your Sexuality and Creativity

Join me in a diving into the Second chakra, the sacral chakra, in this 13 minute guided meditation to connect you deeper to your sense of sexuality and your creativity.

Calm Your Nervous System & Gain More Clarity

The third chakra, solar plexus, is all about your identity, yourself esteem, your connection with who you are. Come as I guide you in resetting the nervous system  then clearing and claiming your identity to give you more clarity.

Bring Healing to The Wounded Heart

All of us have had heartbreak in one form or another throughout our lives. Join me as we dive into the sacredness and beauty of the heart space bringing healing, wholeness and more love into spaces that are craving it.