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Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind Podcast

This is a passion project and I am thrilled to bring it to life! While starting a book with the same title, and writing an online course, I had a beautiful friend of mine suggest I should do a podcast with the same title. When she suggested this it was a full body, soulful YES! What has transpired since then has been such a soul experience, there have been no words to describe the beauty each time I interview a guest.

This podcast is full of stories, including mine, of leaving religion, our experiences through it and the gifts gained. My desire is to assist others in having a deeper understand to their path and that leaving does not have to be full of anger and hatred. This podcast is not about bashing any religion or people but is about our stories of moving through the different stages of grief.

My hope is that as you listen you will feel hope, peace and a place to feel a sense of community. You are not alone in your journey!

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What is Personal is Universal Podcast

This podcast just released a few months ago and I have been so thrilled to be recording with the amazing Jessica Devenish!

Together we share our stories of various experiences throughout our lives. What we learned through each phase of our journeys so far. We know that our stories connect us and we can all use connection, especially right now. Come laugh, cry and hopefully find something that makes you think that you take through your week.

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Finding Oneness in Duality Podcast

While we are no longer recording this podcast, there are still some amazing episodes here that you may enjoy.

Real conversations between two friends about how to find oneness in a dualistic world so that we may more fully become our sovereign selves. Did I mention that these are vulnerable, authentic, honest and raw conversations touching on our experiences through mormonism, divorce, depression, bi-polar, being mom's, sex magic... you name it! There is no topic that is off limits!

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