What is Personal is Universal Podcast

JUST LAUNCHED! This podcast just released and I am so thrilled to be recording with the amazing Jessica Devenish! Together we will share our stories of our lives. What we learned through each phase of our journeys so far. We know that our stories connect us and we can all use connection, especially right now. Come laugh, cry and hopefully find something that makes you think that you take through your week.

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Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind Podcast

This one is in the works and will be launching soon! This is more of a passion project and I am trhilled to bring it to life! I am writing a book with the same title and creating courses for those who have left religion to assist them in moving through as easily as possible. So adding a podcast with the other offerings just makes sense and I am so excited to do it! 

This podcast will be full of stories, including mine, of leaving religion and our experiences through it. My desire is to assist others in having a deeper understand to their path and that leaving does not have to be full of anger and hatred. This podcast is not about bashing any religion or people but is about our stories of moving through the different stages of grief.

My hope is that as you listen you will feel hope, peace and a place to feel a sense of community. You are not alone in your journey!

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Finding Oneness Podcast

This is the very first podcast that I created with my beautiful friend Val! We recorded two seasons and then took a break. On this podcast we talk about all things spiritual, UFO's, aliens, leaving religion, what is oneness, you name it!

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You guys! This is the most genuine and empowering podcast. I love to start my morning with these ladies and a cup of coffee. I can't wait for the next episode. I feel like I have gained so much just from the first!"


"Insanely POWERFUL!

These two have got it together. I have taken extensive notes on each episode and I do research throughout the week on what I can. Val is so easy to listen to, she is MAGIC. Listened to Episode 2 - TWICE. Can't wait for each Sunday to arrive with a new topic. Blessings to all." 

"Love this podcast!

Loved! The conversation was enlightening and I loved the topic discussion. I walked away feeling hopeful, curious for more and insightful! Everyone's journey is different, but these topics are interesting no matter what your journey entails."


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Leaving Religion.

Our Stories of Why We Left. 

Have you left the religion you grew up in? Have you had family that has left? In this episode we share our stories of leaving the religion (Mormonism) of our childhood and the religion we chose for most of our lives. Why we left, how we navigated the transitions and sharing what has helped us through it.



Re-Awaken the Divine Feminine Within! 

In this episode Valerie & Inanda Joy delve deep into all things Divine Feminine. From opening sacred space, channeling source energy, Wicca, Shamanic practices, daily authentic spiritual practice and sex magic. We explore several avenues of expressing our Divine Sovereign Self through our Divine Feminine aspect.



Sacred Relationships.

Stepping into our own Divine Empowerment.

We are relational BEINGS. In fact, you could argue that our reality is created through our relationship to the OTHER. Be it the economy, politics, friendships, sex, partnership, money, success, scarcity, abundance, spirituality... our relationship to the OTHER will always define our experience and thus our REALITY. 


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