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Nov 12, 2020

The last few weeks for me have been both amazing and challenging at the same time. I had the opportunity to face some of the limiting beliefs within myself. By facing these head on I got to sit in the emotions of them all, which is never the most pleasant thing to do. However, I have done this long enough to know what is on the other side of this. I know that by clearing, healing, and allowing it to release, I create space within myself and have a relief within me. This is ALWAYS a good thing. 

 Why am I telling you this story, because this is what I believe is happening on the planet, and especially in our nation. We the people have allowed for so many shadows to become more prevalent on the planet. We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down, numbed out by food, tv, social media, you name it. We have allowed this and as a collective, as a one, we are now done with these shadows and are being supported so deeply by each other and by the energies of the planet and the stars. We are truly and divinely all connected and we are done! There are more and more of us 'waking up' to the opportunities to truly experience who we are. To know our superhumanness and to awaken the god/goddess within. We are asking for our planet to ascend, and it is literally ascending as it makes its way to a new place in our solar system. We are asking to look at our shadows both individually and as a collective. We are asking that our systems be changed which means destruction of the old so the new can be built.


Over the weekend I found myself diving into social media eating up all the juiciness of what is happening over the elections. At times, I found myself so consumed by the story lines that I knew I needed to step out. I could feel the whirlwind of the energies being held in the collective and I got swept up in it! This also started affecting how I was interacting with others, and I did not like it. So, I consciously stepped out! I will pop in here and there as I do like to keep tabs on what is happening, but it was a great wake up call to stand even more in the energies of who I am and to shine my light.  

This, my friends, is why I am writing this blog today. It is time to walk your talk. If you are reading this and following me, then you too are likeminded and possess amazing gifts and abilities. It is time to stand in your light and hold the line. Hold the energies of love so strongly in your heart that it radiates out and allows for others to do the same. The solstice coming up on the 21st of December, is all about opening our hearts and truly living from this place. When enough of us do this we will create a tipping point on the planet and we will create a better world for ourselves and our children.

Can you open your hearts with unconditional love for yourself and others? This doesn't mean that you don't have boundaries. It does not mean you don't have disagreements with others, but it is a call to see with the eyes of the heart. To see that if and when someone is triggered it has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them (unless of course you were intentionally saying things to piss them off...) To recognize when you are triggered it is 100% yours to look at. We are all here asking to learn, to grow, to expand and in this I truly do believe that we will have world peace. Before this happens there will be more chaos and more drama that will unfold. Hold the faith. Hold true to your center and trust. All will be well. 

Is it possible that the state of our nation right now, and the state of what is happening within each of us right now, is completely in service to us all? 

(If you are familiar with this image and with the prophecy of Uluru and want to read a bit more, click here: The Great Conjunction Tipping Point & The Original Prophecy

If you are struggling to have peace, finding your internal calm, then I would suggest the following:

1. Are you in your body? I have been noticing that so many people are feeling afraid, are out of their bodies. Ask yourself, am I here right now? Am I in my body? Trust whatever answer comes. Awareness is one of the main keys to making a change.

2. Breathe! I say this all the time, breath is the quickest way to get us in our bodies and to move energy. Breath is truly the key to accessing any reality that we are wanting to experience. For now just take a deep, whole body breath, allowing yourself to really take your time. Then hold for a few seconds (if you can). Release slowly when you are ready. Repeat this a few times or as many times as your are feeling called to. 

There is also another breath that I talk about, along with some other tools to manage anxiety, in a YouTube video I recorded here: Tips to manage anxiety

Everyday I do breath work as I have found it is the quickest way to bring me back to my center. Here is one of the breath work meditations that I have loved practicing daily: Breath Work Meditation

3. Movement. Get outside if you can and move your body! Walk barefoot on the grass, feeling your connection to the Earth, and to the here and now. If you cannot get outside, then dance, get on the treadmill, do some yoga... whatever is available for you do it! Here's an added bonus, don't listen to anything while doing this. Be in the stillness of the earth, notice your body, the energy within and around your body. Be conscious of your movement and see what you notice.

4. Daily practices. If you do not have a daily practice for how to calm the analytical mind then here is your friendly reminder to start one! Our minds have so much going on and create our realities. If you believe something to be true, then you will create it. We like to prove ourselves right even when it's not something positive. If you are afraid, more circumstances will come into your life to support your fears.  GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. Yes, I know this is easier said than done, trust me I know! My mind likes to think of lots of things all the time. This is why it's a daily practice. The more you practice, the easier it gets. Clear your head through mediation, breath exercises, writing, painting, poetry, whatever it is for you please do it. Do yourself a favor and honor what you need to be all that you can be! 

5. Ask for help. Sometimes we need others to assist us in letting go of the baggage we are carrying. Having someone help us see the forrest through the trees can be very beneficial. If you are needing help, reach out for a session and ask for help. You can reach out to me, as I would love to assist in whatever ways you are needing, or reach out to other healers. There are so many of us out there. 

6. Spend time noticing the spaces around you. What do I mean by this? There is space outside of our bodies and in between all things where nothing exists. In this space we can calm our rational minds and calm our nervous system. This is a pretty specific practice that if you feel called to learning more of what I am talking about and how to do this I would recommend watching Joe Dispenza's Rewired series on Gaia. 
It is full of amazing resources and information. 


When we raise our vibrations we raise our emotions and in turn we raise our ability to be conscious and to feel wholeness.

I love this diagram from Dr. Joe Dispenza:


Stay centered. Hold your light. Stay true to who are you are and open your hearts! 

In love & light! May you all be blessed with seeing the miracles that are around you each day!





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