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Coming Back Into You - Tips to Reclaim You!

Apr 22, 2020

For years I felt lost in my life. I was going through the motions and doing what I thought I should do to be happy. From the outside you would never have guessed this was how I felt. Like you I am sure this is the case of your inner world that you do not like to share with others. As I started finding myself again (hell yeah!) I learned a few things that might be helpful to pass along.

Through my journey of 'awakening' and learning more about myself, the Universe, etc... I had thought I would have a moment where everything would come into complete alignment and all would be well. That I would have this moment of - aaahhhh - I can live out the rest of my life in bliss! HA! Has anyone else had this thought? What I have learned is that I do have moments where I feel so in-line, so in-tune and so in-flow with the universe. These moments are always new levels of awareness, new shifts in consciousness and are beautiful to witness and experience. However, I never stay only here. With the way that I am wired, I have often thought that something is wrong with me when I don't feel in-flow. Because of this I wanted to share with you some of the tips and tools that I have learned to come back into me and into that place of flow and beauty.

Tip One: Be soft with yourself!

Recognize that you are human having a human experience and you are asking to learn and experience. Be soft with yourself! When you feel off, let yourself feel off. Get into the emotions all the way and be uncomfortable! It's OKAY! Give yourself permission to not be perfect, to be in the flow and recognize how much learning and growing you are doing.

Tip Two: Have a practice!

Have a practice of coming back into you. What that looks like will be individual to you and what works for you. Maybe it's to meditate each morning, read books or literature that helps you to be in the place you enjoy or going for a walk in nature. Just like exercise, or yoga, it's a practice. So make yourself a practice as well. Whatever your routine is, try to stick to this as much as you can - even on your off days and especially on your off days.

Tip Three: Your needs are a priority!

Recognize that YOU are the most important thing in your world. Often times we put everyone eases needs above our own. We have learned in our society that this is what we are supposed to do. I am grateful, however, that there is a shift happening with this and that many are realizing that we cannot give if our cups are empty and there is nothing to give! By learning what your needs are that fuel you and feed you and then communicating and acting on those needs when you feel you are empty is a crucial part of living a truly abundant and joyful life. Early on in my relationship with my husband I told him that I am someone that needs alone time. Since then I have been very clear in communicating those needs when I feel it's time to re-group. I have so appreciated his support of me when I tell him I need some alone time.

Tip Four: Body love!

Taking care of our bodies is something that can easily get put aside. How many times do we grab junk food because it's easy or it feels good only to feel horrible about it later! Our bodies are amazing at what they do for us every day. By taking better care of what we are putting into our bodies, putting on our bodies our hair, etc we can feel more empowered because we feel healthier. I know how hard it can be to break habits! Trust me I know! Being a mom and a CEO is stressful and for years I neglected my health. Finally I realized that if I didn't start taking better care of my body it might not be able to support me in the ways I need it to! Taking control of what I put in my body has felt so good and nourishing it has allowed me to feel lighter, to operate with more clarity and have more confidence. It also has allowed me to feel more connected with my physical body and what it's needs are. This has been so awesome for me to experience because I feel like I have gone so long with making unhealthy choices and crating bad habits that I wasn't sure what to do anymore! Especially with the different diets that are so popular right now.

I have learned that every experience in my life has been a choice for greater understanding. I recognize this might be hard to swallow for some of you, but this is my experience and it doesn't have to be yours. I will always choose to do my work, to find more enlightenment and to also grow. Because of this I know there is never going to be a stopping point where everything is blissful except for the mentality that I have around this idea. In each moment I can choose to see the abundance so that when the hard things come, or the dark emotional places, that it is a moment that is teaching me something. For that, I will find gratitude in the experience and apply the steps I mentioned above.

In love and light to you all!

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