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Letters I Write but Don't Send

Jun 23, 2020

I am 100% positive that you have had moments in your life where you want to explode! Where you feel so hurt, betrayed or used by another person and it feels SO WRONG! Boy, do I feel you because I know this place. I have learned, and I love this lesson I have learned, that when I am PISSED off I write. I write in my notes or on paper what I want to say to this person. I get it ALL out, then I re-write it to add things, take other things out and when I feel good about it I save it. I DO NOT SEND IT! I repeat I DO NOT SEND IT! If, after some time has passed, it feels to send it then I will. But this rarely happens. Instead, the action of writing down what I am feeling at that moment and getting the feelings out on paper helps me to see things clearer and to get emotions out of my body.

"Healing is the application of love to the places inside that hurt." - Christine Hassler

There are times where I feel I need more healing from a situation. Almost always sending a letter of how I am feeling is not the answer. Why? Because we all have our perspective and perceptions of a situation and most times doing your own work will shift what you are needing. Remember, you can only control YOU and change your emotions or behaviors. So take care of you and let the rest fall where it may. In the cases you need more than just writing a letter, here is another tip. Write your letter and then take it to a fire.

Fire ceremonies are very powerful. Fire is about cleansing and transformation and is a really beautiful tool to have in your tool belt. When you step into a fire ceremony, step into it with intention and with a sense of sacredness. You are honoring yourself in your journey of looking to heal or shift a situation and are consciously asking for that shift. Be proud of yourself for taking this step! Here is a great article about fire ceremonies that is helpful:https://thefourwinds.com/blog/shamanism/what-is-a-fire-ceremony/

Through my journey of Shamanism, I have experienced so many sacred moments and transformational moments at a fire. I hope that you take the time you need for your healing. Our triggers are there to show us that there is something that could use some healing light within us. Choose to show up for what is coming up! It will continue to come up until you choose to heal it.

Much love!

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