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How do I step out of fear?

Jun 22, 2020

Man oh man! Our world is becoming a pretty scary place, isn't it? On one hand it's fascinating to witness and participate in as we are making history. On the other, it can bring up emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, sadness and so much more. So the big question is, how do you step out of fear?

FEAR is the opposite of TRUST. With any emotion, the more you allow yourself to feel into the shadow side of the emotion, the more you also allow yourself to feel the light side. They are both part of the same, light and dark make up the whole. Now that we have established this I will move on.


For the next part you will want a pen and paper. Ask yourself, why do I feel fear? Write out all the reasons why you feel fear and then circle the ones that give you the most anxiety. On a new page, write down what you can do about the fears you circled leaving space to write next to them. With each of these fears I want you to write what you can do about them. For example, if you wrote down you have fear around protecting your family maybe something you would write next to it is getting something you feel would aide in protecting you and your family, or having enough food on hand for a few months, water, medicine, etc. In other words, what would make you feel you can take a breath because you were able to do something that helps you feel that fear diminish. 

With the fears that you have no control over, ie; natural destruction of our planet, write down what the worst outcome would be. Then sit with your worst outcome and ask yourself, 'is this something I would get through'. If it's death, do you believe in an afterlife? If so, then this is a good time to have faith and trust in that belief.

Doing this exercise, and writing down your fears, what you can do about them and where there is a call to trust, is a great tool. It allows the thoughts to get out of your head and onto paper and it also allows for you to get the emotions out of your body. If there is actions you feel you need to take from this exercise, then do it!

Now that we have the fear aspect out of the way, for now, I would love for you to focus on the beauty of the world you would like to see in form. What does a peaceful and free world look like for you? What would you love for your childrens, childrens, children to be able to experience? Spend time really allowing yourself to dream this world. Then, feel into the emotions of it and bring this reality into the now. In quantum physics, there is no such thing as time which means that all time is happening now. If this is true, I believe it is, then we can pull future beautiful timelines into our NOW moment. This is a practice that I personally find so helpful when I feel helpless and fearful. By focusing on the beauty of the possibilities we could have, and pulling it into the NOW moment, you are helping to anchor these realities and energetics into the planet. This practice is more powerful than you realize. 




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