The Spaces In Between

Apr 22, 2020

I have been practicing sinking into the spaces that are in between and felt the desire to write about it.

Today in our world, so many are going through changes with challenges and struggles that feel too much. And yet you are still here, I am still here, and we are still moving forward. Do not forget how strong you are!

When those pieces fall apart, and we let them fall apart, we are left in a new place where we do not feel like we are whole. We are in a space of the in between. The in-between of what was and what could be lurking out in front of us, all the possibilities and all the fear that comes with the unknown. Feeling like "I don't know what to do" come in and we feel hopeless. Could you change this thought into, "I do not know what to do yet, but I will know. And when I know, I will move forward."

I know for me I have a tendency of wanting to pick up the pieces and do something with them. Maybe if I reorganize them it will feel familiar and I will feel better. I have a desire to create order in my life the way it used to be. Except it cannot be the way it used to be and I know I wouldn’t be happy with what used to be. While the pain of that fills my heart with the loss of what was, the space in between what was and what will be also fills my soul.

I encourage you, as I am encouraging myself, to sit in the spaces in-between. To sit in those places that feel uncomfortable as they are not familiar. Take breaths here, sit in it all the way and allow the uncomfort to consume you. Only through the uncomfort will we come through the other side with a new awareness of self and a new found wisdom that we did not have before. I know this to be true with all my heart. All experiences come with new growth, new learning and new strength to who we truly are. You are breaking, and have broken, chains that have bound you!

For now, put one foot in front of the other. What feels good to do today? A beautiful friend of mine recently reminded me of this. Focus on what is here, today, and take one step at a time not concerning too much for the distant future. Simplify your life and simply the new pieces you are putting back together. In this you, and I, are living a more conscious life. Instead of just going through the motions we are being very conscious about each step we are taking. This is beautiful. 

We got this, you got this, one step at a time in a place of surrendering to something bigger than anything we could have imagined. The things that are meant for you will always be there and will come in quicker when we let go of the holding of what was, and the holding of what we think should be next.


In love and light!

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