Identity, Closing Doors

 I am a thinker, I always have been. So many thoughts go through my head every minute and the thought for the last several months is why my business failed. In any failure it is our human nature to wonder why, to reflect on how we got here, in hopes to learn and to understand. The kicker for me has been that I have always trusted my gut and my intuition. If I didn't know which direction to go I would meditate and pray on the question. I would seek out my advisers to talk though it and ultimately I would always get an answer. Once I got my answer I would make the necessary changes and move forward. I have never been afraid of change or of making hard decisions. This is something I have felt is a strong quality that I possess and have always felt very confident in this ability. However, after my decision to close my business I started questioning how this could happen because I did how did I get here and why?

For over 11 years I have owned a clothing company called...

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