Letters I Write but Don't Send

I am 100% positive that you have had moments in your life where you want to explode! Where you feel so hurt, betrayed or used by another person and it feels SO WRONG! Boy, do I feel you because I know this place. I have learned, and I love this lesson I have learned, that when I am PISSED off I write. I write in my notes or on paper what I want to say to this person. I get it ALL out, then I re-write it to add things, take other things out and when I feel good about it I save it. I DO NOT SEND IT! I repeat I DO NOT SEND IT! If, after some time has passed, it feels to send it then I will. But this rarely happens. Instead, the action of writing down what I am feeling at that moment and getting the feelings out on paper helps me to see things clearer and to get emotions out of my body.

"Healing is the application of love to the places inside that hurt." - Christine Hassler

There are times where I feel I need more healing from a situation. Almost always sending a letter of how I am...

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