What does it mean to hold space for someone?

We have all experienced the awkward comments either said or received when we have lost a loved one or gone through something very challenging in our life. I have been on both sides myself. You would think that going through something difficult would help you know what to say to someone else! We all fumble!

The thought of what it means to hold space for someone has been going through my mind lately. You will hear this in many different types of belief systems. It may be a prayer circle, or keeping someone in your thoughts and prayers, or sending love your way, or... you name it. These are all acts of holding space. They are beautiful acts and so needed. The energetic expressions that we offer are VERY real and VERY impactful.

So what does it mean to hold space for someone? Holding space means to create a safe space where they can be completely vulnerable and be in a space to receive love and support for where they are in that moment without feeling like you need something from...

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