Is Love a Choice

When I was a teenager I had my future laid out. My main focus was to get married and have a family, make a home, etc. I didn't think much past that point in my life. Imagine my surprise to be in my late 30's, looking back, to see how I could have never predicted what unfolded. Married and divorced then married and annulled TWICE and finally married a fourth time to an amazing man. I have learned in my life to never say never.

Each of my relationships were challenging to say the least. Recently I have had several conversations with friends where I have noticed how much the topic comes up around unhealthy relationships. Why do people choose into them? Why do we not see what is in front of us? I have thought a lot about these questions and relating it to my experiences. In knowing that so many struggle, like I did, I wanted to write about what I had experienced in hopes they might help someone else. I did also just publish my book, Love & The Space In Between that goes deeper into...

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