Driven By Passion & Purpose

For over 10 years I have owned a fashion company that has had it’s up’s and downs, it has molded me, changed me and I have molded and changed it. We have gone through so much together! To think that my company is separate from me would be completely ignorant – this is a truth that I didn’t completely expect or understand when I became a business owner years ago.

My journey has been one that I would have never expected and one that I am truly, deeply, grateful for. Over 10 years ago I bought a company that had been in business for just over a year but was struggling and needed more. Costco, Nordstrom’s, Wal-Mart, Amazon, wholesale accounts and our e-commerce business were what drove my business for years. I went from 55 employees, to 15, to 2 employees, to 18… we have been through a lot together. However, in all the years that I have owned this company, this is the first time that this company is completely my creation – my ideas, my passion...

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