Are you answering the call?

The last few weeks for me have been both amazing and challenging at the same time. I had the opportunity to face some of the limiting beliefs within myself. By facing these head on I got to sit in the emotions of them all, which is never the most pleasant thing to do. However, I have done this long enough to know what is on the other side of this. I know that by clearing, healing, and allowing it to release, I create space within myself and have a relief within me. This is ALWAYS a good thing. 

 Why am I telling you this story, because this is what I believe is happening on the planet, and especially in our nation. We the people have allowed for so many shadows to become more prevalent on the planet. We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down, numbed out by food, tv, social media, you name it. We have allowed this and as a collective, as a one, we are now done with these shadows and are being supported so deeply by each other and by the energies of the...

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