Hugh Vail On Being Whole

Season #1

Sitting down with Hugh Vail is always such a pleasure. I am hoping we will make this a more regular occurrence. Hugh is someone who knows scriptural text very well as he's made it part of his studies. As we dive into the scripture, "for god so loved the world he sent his only begotten son" and if there is a more accurate translation, we engage in a fascinating conversation about truths. Hugh share's about a recent conversation with a client of his that leads to an interesting discussion about the lgtbq+ community and actual scriptural text around truth. "a man shall not lay with a boy" was not to say that same sex attraction was not okay, but that a man should not lay with a boy. Simple truths. Is it possible that there are more accurate truths within scriptural text and reframes that could allow for you to deprogram out of religion? Have you ever heard of the phrase plant sacrament? Hugh heard this one day and then had it synchronistically come up later in a conversation which led him to an experience with a plant sacrament that is beautiful. Life is not a random series of events, but is working in your behalf. There is truth in all things, are you paying attention to what the truths are trying to share with you? Join us for this insightful conversation! Head to Hugh's website to learn about his upcoming events: Follow Hugh on his social accounts: