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Is Meekness An Illusion For Power with Aaron Trembath

Season #1

Sit back and enjoy this beautiful conversation I had with Aaron Trembath. We met at a recent retreat and I loved our conversations and the depth we were able to go to. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge in many things but one in particular, philosophy.

In today's episode Aaron shares that he became his own abuser as he held the religious gun to his head. A truly profound analogy that I think many people can relate to. Aaron shares his journey through religion and how he felt the religion left him.

Religion is not spirituality.

Talking about magic faith and the idea of a truth first perspective. As Aaron shares, every philosophy is going to have a bubble in the fly paper. Underneath it all there is something you have to swallow. Because of this, he started pursing truth for the sake of truth and his journey that unfolded is quite beautiful.

You will want to join us in the conversation.

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