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Her Love of Nutrition Set Her Free with Rebecca Hambright

Season #1

Have you ever thought that being raised in religion taught you to be disconnected from your body? My next guest shares how disconnected she was to her body when she started learning about nutrition and recognized how out of touch she was. This was part of why she had disordered eating. She noticed that she felt she couldn't trust her body and what it was telling her. It didn't feel safe to her in her body was a huge realization.

Join me today as I sit down with Rebecca Hambright as she shares her journey of going through her religious upbringing in the Southern Baptist Church. Her father had left their religion when she was in her youth and she watched the division in created within her home. In their faith, divorce was never an option. Later she goes to a Christian university which she struggled with especially the shame that came there. Rebecca shares that confusion was her overall feeling as she started to really explore who she was. Stepping out of the environment of the Christian school assisted her in really beginning her deconstruction out of her religion, especially as she started to have more of a relationship with herself.

Join us in the conversation as Rebecca shares more about her journey with health, nutrition and connecting more with her body and what it wanted.

Rebecca Hambright MS, RDN is a registered dietitian nutritionist at Wise Heart Nutrition. Connect with Rebecca by visiting her website at: http://www.wiseheartnutrition.com/ or follow them on IG @WiseHeart_Nutrition

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