Grow your spiritual muscles with my online courses.

One of my greatest joys is teaching! I love it! I have created a few online courses to assist you in your journey. While most of these have touch points with me, it is important to me to have personal connections, some do not. If we have never met before I would love to connect!

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Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind

Are you transitioning out of religion and feel lost? Your God is dying or has died, looking for your people, feeling alone? This course is for you! New group class coming soon! 

Coming Soon!

What is Energy?

Are you looking for a fundamentals energy course? Look no further? This short and sweet course will assist you in understanding that everything is energy, even you. 

Coming Soon

Grow Your Spiritual Muscles

So many are having their spiritual gifts coming online, this is such an exciting time! This course is geared towards individuals looking to grow their spiritual gifts.

Coming Soon