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Sacred schools have existed for thousands of years. They diminished over the centuries and now there is a loud call for many of us to learn the sacredness of who we are, who we have always been, and lean into our greatness.


I am here to assist you in activating your inner guru and guiding you into those unknown places within for healing, for growth and for the results you truly desire in your life.

See the below offerings that have been curated and cultivated to assist you in having a more whole and fulfilling life.

Have you been feeling the pull to heal and develop yourself so that you can truly trust and know yourself fully?

Online Courses

With our busy lives it can be difficult to commit to a healing process that requires certain days and times to be there. Online courses are a powerful and sovereign way to get what it is that you are seeking, but on your own time frame, at the privacy of your own space and done at your pace.

Guided Journey

When I sit down to record a guided meditation journey I connect with the divine and am guided as to what gets to be created. Each journey is powerful, unique and will assist you in somatic releases to support you in your daily life.

Leaving Religion

Have you, or are you, leaving religion? Are you feeling like your foundation has been ripped from underneath you? Do you wonder if you still believe in God? Are you afraid of telling your family and friends you are leaving? Come join me and my guests as we share our stories of navigating the waters after religion and of finding our truer selves.



Are you looking for a guidebook to navigate the waters after religion? My latest book is that guidebook for you and it is now available!



Retreats are one of my favorite things to create and facilitate. When you allow yourself to step outside of time and space, diving into the experience and giving yourself permission to lean in, magic happens. What if we are here to see what we are not, so that we can remember all of who we truly are? Come join me in one of my luxury retreats and allow yourself to be held by the space to be transformed.


Upcoming Events


Are you looking for something different to step into? See what my upcoming events are! I offer many different types of gatherings.

Here are a few of my upcoming events:


Inbody Experience Sept 22 -25th, 2022

Inner Guru Activation Experience Feb 2023

Inner Guru Symposium Coming 2023

Day Experiences to cultivate  deepening the relationship with yourself.

Couples Retreat Experience May, 2022 Springdale, UT

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