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Mystery schools have existed for thousands of years. They diminished over the centuries and now there is a loud call for many of us to learn the sacredness of who we are.

While I thought I would create an actual brick and mortar sacred mystery school, I realized I have already created it. It is here, within all my offerings.



Step outside of time and space and enter a place within yourself of sacredness. Find rest, reprieve and nourishment to your soul as you experience revelations within yourself that you did not know were there. Come heal & expand with me.

Unbind & Unwind Retreat March 17th-20th Springdale, UT

Sacred Writing Retreat May 12th - 15th Springdale, UT

Find Your Spiritual Center Sept 1st - 4th Sundance, UT

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Speakers Symposium

April 24th, 10am to 6pm. Join me and five other absolutely beautiful human beings as you immerse yourself with us in an immersive day of breaking through barriers.

This is not your typical speakers event. This is an immersive experience  with somatic exercises to enable learning to take place on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels for real change.

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Sacred Relationship Course

This online 12 week relationship course is created for you to cultivate a healthy relationship within yourself. When you are able to heal the wounds within you, clear the limiting beliefs, you not only have a more loving and whole relationship with yourself - you will now attract that into your life.

Want to have a healthier relationship with your current partner? Do not know why you keep attracting the same unhealthy relationships? Or are you having a hard time finding love? This course if for you.

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Guided Meditations

When we have a daily practice of meditation, we allow ourselves to go to places we didn't know existed within. Mediation assists us in finding and accessing our true center, our spiritual center, it calms our nervous center, brings more awareness and consciousness to our lives and ultimate assists in feeling more at peace.

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Leaving Religion Podcast

Many of us have left religion or are leaving and are feeling lost. Your foundation has been ripped out from beneath you and what you have known is dying. Come listen to others stories of leaving religion, what they learned and gained and how they have found their spiritual center.

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Love & The Spaces in Between

Years ago I felt the call to write a book. The book that I thought I would write wasn't the one that came out. Instead it is this one, about love, my failed relationships and the pain and learning with each one.

Come join me in my story as my story is not just mine, but all of ours. Each chapter is full of insight and at the end, self reflecting questions so that you may see more into the places within you that are asking for healing and for a sacred witness.

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One-on-one Sessions With Me

"Man cannot force the external to he what he is not." -Florence Scovel Shinn

True healing — spiritual healing — cannot be done on a physical level. Healing means to return to wholeness, and returning to wholeness is purely an inside job.

I believe strongly that I am a guide to your own healing. What does that mean? I have deep medicine that I carry and beautiful skills. I use what I know to assist you in your own healing to finding your own answers.

In addition to using my skill set as a Shaman I also incorporate energetic healing through Reiki, drumming, timeline therapy, NLP (neural linguistic programming) practices, sound healing, coaching, mentoring and more.

I will assist you in re-claiming the life you desire.


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