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 Are you feeling the call for something more in your life? Come join in a day experience that will offer insights, tools and guidance to assist you in breaking through barriers and leaning into more of who you are.

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Are you thriving or surviving?

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.

- Alan Watts

The Details:

  • April 24th in Highland, UT

    • address will be emailed to you once you have purchased your ticket


  • 10am to 6pm

    • Doors open at 9:30am. We will start precisely at 10am


  • Tickets are $149 for the day experience

  • Lunch provided*

    • If you have dietary restrictions, please bring your own lunch
  • Q&A panel with the speakers at the end of the day to answer any questions you may have

  • An immersive day event with 6 speakers who will provide experiences to assist you in breaking through your barriers

  • Guided meditations


  • Topics will include:


    • Understand how emotions get locked in your body.

    • The power of gratitude & mindset

    • Quantum entanglement - Causing an effect while effecting a cause

    • Re-writing your story from "this happened to me" to "this happened for me"

    • Changing mindset from surviving to thriving.

    • Finding your spiritual center - Releasing the old & claiming the new


***if you have dietary restrictions please bring your own lunch***


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Brandon Barber

Speaking on Moving from survival mindset to thriving mindset.

Brandon is a husband of 21 years and is the father of four boys. He is a resilience coach and the founder of the Brandon Barber Coaching Group.

He has worked with over a million individuals over the last twenty years, helping them get mentally and emotionally stronger through coaching and mentoring.

Through his own struggles with anxiety, depression, weight & health issues, cancer and home-work imbalances, he has developed tools to

Survival mindset (Scarcity and Fear) to Thriving go from mindset (Abundance and Purpose).

Through adversity we create our best selves. It is the genius that lies within us. It's time to cultivate the genius!

Fear, Struggle, Suffering, Trauma and Illness are all part of the power within, and when accepted and worked through, take you into a beautiful life full of treasure and reward. So YOU can Serve Yourself, Family, Inner Circle, Team, Community and Ultimately the World.

Jessica Devenish

Speaking on the power of Gratitude and mindset

Jessica is a serial entrepreneur for nearly twenty five years, intuitive, coach, author, speaker, and podcaster. She is a creator of joy and seeker of truth. She believes living a life of gratitude is the first gift and initial ingredient to infuse into every day and every journey we undertake. It creates a foundation and sets the stage for our success to embrace life as one holistic harmonious journey. The gift of gratitude opens up our awareness that we are exactly where we need to be every moment of every day. Our awareness of who we are as God created us. Trusting that life delivers experiences to us exactly as they were intended.

Jessica is married to her best friend and business partner. They met as teenagers. 30 years later their kids are grown, businesses are fulfilling, and together they have created a life by design. Along with their five amazing children, they are known as the "Devenish Sevenish.” They have three children of their own and later adopted her niece and nephew following a fatal car crash that took their father (brother-in law). And Noni and Papa to three grand babies.

Life has lead her through many adventures;  navigated through hardships and trials. From entrepreneurship, love, success, failures, challenges, grief, loss, and parenting a child with mental illness and suicide ideation have marked her path. Intuitively, she has always known the answers are inside us. From addressing life’s traumas to healing herself of a recurring pituitary brain tumor through the power of emotional healing and energy work, she understands we are all infinite being with boundless potential and power. 

Christy Foster 

Speaking on Understanding how emotions get locked in your body.

Christy Foster is a CranioSacral therapist and a pioneering educator, speaker, and mentor in the field of BodyMind Integration. She specializes in teaching Health and Wellness practitioners on how to interpret the subconscious language of the body.

Christy is the first certified teacher of the Psychosomatic Therapy Process in the United States by the Psychosomatic Therapy College, Australia. Her proven system is derived from her 25 years of practical application and education in advanced therapeutic techniques, including ‚ÄčCranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Release Trigger Point Therapy, Spinal Touch Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapy, and Energetic-balancing Techniques.

As a teacher, Christy guides practitioners to deeply understand and implement the techniques of BodyMind Integration. Her students learn to systematically decode the two-way communication of the BodyMind. With this integral understanding of how the BodyMind profoundly impacts the physical, mental, and emotional health of every human being, practitioners become healers.

Christy’s mission is to empower and create self-awareness for her students and clients. The education she provides serves as a supplement to the expertise of a broad range of Health and Wellness practitioners, therapists, and individuals -- empowering them to enhance their practices and lives to facilitate more comprehensive and effective therapy.

Angela Goff

Speaking on Quantum entanglement - Causing an effect while effecting a cause.


Angela is a mother of four incredible kids and is married to her beloved alchemical companion. She is a vibrational alignment coach and a teacher of spiritual attunement. Over the last 8 years she has coached thousands of individuals and couples regarding quantum entanglement and balancing their Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Her life's work revolves around recognizing and understanding the patterns that exist in quantum entanglement. 

Her purpose came to light after her own spontaneous healing as a result of transmuting generational ancestral patters she had uncovered. Termed by many as a miraculous healing, she was shown by spirit that it was the natural result of cleansing her body of its karmic past. Upon purging her karma, her kundalini energy was able to rise allowing her to fully awaken. Through the unfolding of her life she awakened a psychic gift to see things that others have difficulty understanding. This has given her an ability to tread lightly through life. She is here to inspire others to remain open to the infinite light that self-awareness brings and has developed processes that purposefully awaken this light within. 

As a linguist she makes complex ideas, regarding spirituality, simple. She has written a number of personal development and coaching courses as well as mental/emotional content for various companies. She is most passionate about gnosis as this is what we are all here to do, to become increasingly aware of who, what and why we are. She is currently working on writing two books as well as creating an integration course for KAP (Ketamine Applied Psychotherapy) to be used at a local Ketamine Clinic. 


Amanda Joy Loveland

Speaking on Finding your spiritual center, Releasing the old & Claiming the new

Amanda is a Shamanic practitioner of energy medicine, NLP practitioner, Reiki practitioner, intuitive visionary, host of the top ranking podcast Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind, public speaker, published author of “Love & The Spaces In Between”, and mother of the infamous Brady Bunch - Version 2.0 (4 children, 3 step-children, 1 grand baby, 2 dogs, and 1 pretty awesome doting husband). 
As a seeker of truth and student of life. Throughout hundreds of hours in practices and studies, she has become dedicated to being in alignment with her sovereign and highest self; embracing what her unique expression and gifts are meant to be in this life and shared with the world through her practice and teachings.   
Amanda offers retreats, online courses, meditations, speaking engagements, one-on-one immersive individual programs and workshops dedicated to spiritual and energetic alignment offering healing, tools, growth and expansion. Her passion is assisting others to remember who they are as they find their authentic expression to their own lives, stepping into their unique autonomous selves and embracing their beautiful gifts in all that they are. She has a new book releasing soon titled, Leaving Religion - a Guidebook for leaving religion and finding your spiritual center.

Hugh Vail

Speaking on Re-writing your story from "this happened to me" to "this happened for me".


Hugh is the founder of Mustang Medicine. 

Mustang Medicine combines positive psychology, ancient Greek Philosophy, and Evidence-based Horsemanship to deliver a safe and cathartic experience to help people deal with their grief and suffering. Workshops allow participants to apply their own strengths to develop a character that will help them achieve greatness.

Hugh Vail believes so vividly in the importance of virtue to help humankind elevate and find a purpose that he created Mustang Medicine and is a founding partner of the Clapham Foundation. He takes on many roles as an instructor, executive, and entrepreneur to follow his vision.


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