Leaving Religion Mentorship

Are you going through a faith transition and looking for healing and connection?


Making the choice to leave religion is a very difficult one and my heart is with you if you have left or are in the process of leaving.

If you are here you are most likely looking for a place where you can find healing, a community, resources and ultimately find a deeper connection within yourself.

I left the Mormon religion in 2012, consciously choosing to step out of the religion of my youth and my family system. Since then I have gone through my own personal healing and have assisted others in transitioning out. If you are interested in listening to my story you can listen here: My Story

I know that when you leave religion it can be painful. You will go through a death of what you knew and there are not many resources out there to assist you through it with ease & grace. This course will not bash, it will not come from a place of injustice, hate or anger however, you get to have those feelings as we move through the 60 days. The key is moving through the anger, the pain, the grief and not getting stuck in it.

Through this course we will go through unwinding the constructs that have been ingrained in you for years, possibly your entire life & even in your DNA. We will walk through how to deal with triggers, how to release shame, judgement & old holdings within the religion.

The unique factors to my mentorship is that I offer is this: we hit the energetics. Often we can go through the emotions, we can have the logical practices, but if the energetic holdings are not also unwound and removed then the connections are still there and it can take longer to heal. Through my mentorship we will hit the mental and emotional bodies as well as the energetic connections. Did you know that when you made covenants within the church that it's literally bound in your energetic matrix?

Ultimately this program will assist you in finding your true self, your authentic self, the part of you that spoke up within you and pushed you towards something more. You will gain tools that will help you find peace, happiness & confidence in who you are to live your best life.



What you will get:


Only 3 Spots Available

$200 a week

Weekly payments of $200 for 8 weeks

  • Weekly 75 min one-on-one private sessions
  • Access to me when and if something comes up.
  • Weekly online lessons
  • Meditations
  • Tools to apply in your life
  • 3 spots available
  • Weekly payments will be taken throughout the course of $200
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