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Your Worth In Non-Negotiable

Season #1

Kami Rhoades & Shelby Smith and I got to sit down together, via zoom, as they shared their epic and beautiful story of deconstructing from religion, leaving toxic relationships and cultivating their friendship which brought them together in such a beautiful way.

On this episode both women share their stories of growing up mormon, getting married, and their journeys through many paths in their lives. They share how they first met and had this epic moment of soul recognition. During this episode they share pieces around how they were taught to believe that they had to earn their worth and that emotions were not safe, unless you were happy. 

A big piece for both of them was finding their inner truth and the quickest way that they found this was through self love. "Once I tasted that godness within, that love within me grew and finding that love allowed for me to start developing the trust back for myself. Instead of giving authority over me, I started coming back to my own truth."

There are so many amazing nuggets of wisdom shared throughout this entire episode!  

Have you heard of the kinsey scale? It is a truly interesting scale and the research behind it is quite interesting. You can read more about it here: https://kinseyinstitute.org/research/publications/kinsey-scale.php

Kami & Shelby offer the thought that if there is any curiosity within you it may be your soul / heart asking you to experience something different. The universe is always conspiring in our favor.

A bit more about Kami & Shelby:

Shelby and Kami, partners both in life and in business,  are celebrators of the human experience!  Over the last decade,   they have co-created and held retreats to invite others to get back in touch with their whole selves through movement, breath, sound, touch, music, emotional release, and play.  

These two have done the work inside, and within the last five years,  have answered their heart call, leaving toxic marriages, outgrowing the walls of organized religion, releasing old patterns, rewriting old programs and digging deep to identify the lies they tell themselves, to find truth.
They believe in humanity and invite us all to slow down, behold the creators that we are, and BE magnificent, by being all of you. 

Both Shelby and Kami are trained in reiki, BARS, Heart Theta, presenting, energy, healing touch, Tantra, mindset shifts, loving all that arises, emotional clearing/release, movement and flow, shadow work, heart mentoring, play and inner child work.  They are certified cuddlers as well, and 
are published contributing writers in several co-authored books.  

You can find them discussing “what else is possible?” on their highly reviewed podcast called Hornication, in front of audiences on stages all over the Midwest, facilitating at a local pain management clinic and on spontaneous live videos on social media.  They are thrilled and honored to BE with all those who are choosing into the INbody Retreat!

To follow Kami & Shelby on social media on IG: @yinyang_shelby & @kamsterdance You can also text Shelby at 208-709-0904 OR Kami at 435-229-0513.

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