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Boundaries with God

Season #1

Have you ever considered that having boundaries with God / Spirit is a very healthy thing? This is a new concept for most people and something that we should discuss more.

Join me today as I sit down with Michelle Wilding as we have a beautiful and interesting conversation around the filters that the voice of god can come through.
Diving into the pendulum swing that can happen when we leave and some of the spiritual pitfalls after leaving religion.

Are you being a victim to what God is telling you to do?

What are the results you are getting out of your life? Are you liking them?

This episode really covers so many great insights, thoughts and tools to assist you in navigating the waters after leaving religion.

You are not alone!

To listen to Michelle's first episode with me where she shares her story of leaving, go here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0BenHUKSPCXm5s6agDlC7I?si=Si7V7KY9TKKyCGAISNvdgw


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