The String That Pulled The Sweater with Liz Phillipps

Season #1

Liz comes from a unique background being like royalty within the polygamist community. Her grandfather was Rulon Allred and he was the prophet of the Apostolic United Brethren (or the AUB) until he was murdered in 1977 by a rivalry group. Later in 2014 until just this year, her father was the prophet of the AUB.

Growing up polygamist she loved it but had experiences to where she was shunned by the neighbors when they would find out that she was part of a polygamist church. The AUB was a break off from the original teachings of the Mormon church and believed that they were keeping the celestial, higher law alive by living polygamy.

If you have watched sister wives, with Christine Brown, they are a part of the AUB and Christine is a relative of Liz's.

At 16 years old, Liz chose to join the mainstream LDS church. She had to wait until she was 18 years old in order to fully join because she came from polygamy. The AUB teachings were so similar to the mainstream Mormon church that often she would have a hard time remembering which was from what religion.

She shares that she was quite happy with both religion and she was following her internal compass. She practiced mainstream Mormonism for years until her sister shared a memory that she had at young age of very inappropriate sexual acts with the leaders of the AUB. With this revelation Liz was forced to sit with the linage of what her sister had experienced and all the men that took advantage of their power. The string that pulled the sweater for her was when her dad became the prophet of the AUB. She saw that there was a line from hr dad to her grandfather, to Brigham Young to Joseph Smith and see there was an abuse of their power.

This is a truly powerful episode and one that you will want to listen to.


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