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It's time to get you on the path you are desiring and have support in getting you to where you are wanting to go.


This mastermind group is for those who:

  • want to get in touch with what your genius is.
  • develop deeper trust of self.
  • develop a deeper relationship with your gifts.
  • get clarity on where you are wanting to go.
  • support in moving through the discomfort of getting to your goals.
  • want to be supported in a group atmosphere and network with other like minded individuals.
  • looking to hone your skills towards whatever you are building in your life.


  • Begins Jan 8th, 2023
  • Three month program
  • Calls on Sunday's at 10am -12pm MST (may go until 1pm some weeks)
    • Calls will be recorded to watch at a later time if you cannot make one of the calls.
  • WhatsApp Group for daily support
  • Guest speakers
  • Pricing is $222 a month
    • This mastermind is very affordable as I wanted to create an offering that everyone has access to. I will not do it at this price again.

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