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Here are some of my favorites that I personal use and love. I wanted to share with you!

Cellular Clearing Visualization

Join me in this FREE 9 minute practice as I guide you through a visualization to clear and cleanse each and every cell. Do you unwanted toxins in the cells, not feeling well? This visualization will assist you in cleansing the cells easily and effortlessly.
You are a powerful creator and simply by your intention and practicing this visualization, you will upgrade and up level each and every cell and in turn your body.
This practice does call on your spiritual team as well as Christ to assist in the process.

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Sometimes movement is our best medicine. In this quick 15 minute yoga flow you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Come join us in a quick, beautiful, Vinyasa yoga flow set in Springdale, Utah! Great practice to do anytime of day for any level of Yogi.

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This video is a quick tutorial to assist you in clearing the energy in your home. Sometimes we have subtle energies that need clearing or more intense and heavy energies that need to be cleared. Whatever it is, it's always good to know how to clear the energy in your home!

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I don't know about you but sometimes I just need some soothing zen music to assist me in clearing and calming my energy field. This is one of my favorites by metaverse and always assists me in shifting my mood.

Regenerative Spiritual Reset

This is a great tv interview with Bob Proctor that is one of my favorites. In this TV interview, Bob Proctor discusses how to find out who you really are, the barriers to success, why you should never follow the masses, what an educated person really is, and more.

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