"Man cannot force the external to be what he is not."

- Florence Scovel Shinn

One of the most beautiful things about our world is that it is constantly giving us feedback for what is going on within us.

In order to get what you want out of life it requires you to take radical accountability.
Are you ready to lean into who you truly are and what you are capable of?

Are you feeling a pull to something more in your life?
Are you feeling the soul's call urging you to seek for something?
Can you not figure out why you keep attracting the same patterns in your life that you do not want?
Are you doing really well in one area of your life, but failing in others?

I work with clients that are truly ready for transformation and are ready to take accountability for the way in which they are showing up in their world.

In order for any change to truly happen, it requires ownership of your role in it. Ready to take steps to having more of what you want in life? 

In working with me, you will experience my unique skill sets where I incorporate my Shamanic practicioner skills with my NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming).


As a Shaman I work with the energetics held in your body, the energetic realms and also with NLP where we work with the programming in the subconscious mind. This impacts all the bodies (physical, spiritual, mental & emotional) for profound and noticeable healing. Using your world as a barometer for change, you will witness significant movement forward in your life. Ultimately you are benefiting from my thousands of hours of training and practices as we step outside of time and space for an experience that is as unique as you are. Each time I work with a client, the sessions are so personal as we call in your guides and loved ones and ultimately your higher self to guide us in where we get to go.

Are you feeling the call to lean into your healing?

In Working With Me...

There are many ways to work with me. I offer custom programs, my three month immersive program being one of my favorites. Click the link below to connect with me.

Other ways to work with me:

Guided meditation journeys

One of my gifts is received through guided meditation journeys. I have created several of them, each one being deeply inspired and received to assist you to get closer to that inner knowing of ALL that you are and have always been.



Are you ready to feel more alive & free?


imbodi wellness

I have launched a new company that is all about embodiment and recognizing that the body is the key to getting you where you truly desire with more fun, joy, fulfillment and love.
In my signature program, the imbodi project, with the help of an amazing friend and facilitator Michelle Wilding, we take you through a 6 month group experience to get you transformational results that affect the body, mind, emotions and spirit.


Ready for a metapmorphasis?

Retreats & Events

One of my favorite experiences is facilitating group retreats. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list to be notified of my next one.



Love & The Spaces in Between

A guidebook for navigating the waters after religion and finding your spiritual center.

Have you left religion and feel like your world is falling apart? Or maybe you are just seeking healing from your old religion and wanting to find those places within you. My book is a healing tool, to be used when you want and how you want.


It was a beautiful weekend. I love the flow. The palm reading really added to my spiritual growth/progression. I love Holly’s daily yoga. The setting and pool are amazing. Love the breath journey. Love the bonfire and singing. Love to be with you again


AMAZING!!! Wasn’t sure what I signed up for at first. But walked away with a sense of peace and a better understanding of myself. At the same time I walked away with my “spiritual” side more open. Going to a retreat for more than 1 day I feel gave me more time to really dive into all that I was learning. The retreat was ran very smoothly!!!! I feel that it touched on so many different subjects, feelings and experiences. Because of this I feel it helped everyone there to benefit in some way.


“After this retreat I feel like I’ve connected to my heart center again. It was beautiful to participate with a circle of women of all ages coming together in sisterhood. I felt empowered, uplifted, safe, connected, and very inspired. I didn’t realize how much my soul was craving the connection of women. Holly and Amanda were amazing guides and spiritual teachers. They facilitated a safe space for us to share from the heart and be vulnerable as we participated in awakening processes and ceremonies. The movement of yoga with Holly each morning was a beautiful compliment and prepared us for the day ahead. But, my favorite was the breath journey! It was powerful and transformative for me. I will take so much from this retreat - the power of reframing my personal narratives and the reminder to feed my soul by nurturing myself and others with a receptive heart. Trust your intuition and do it. You will come out renewed and inspired to live life more connected to your beautiful heart center."


Amazing retreat! I had no expectations except to be open to receive and give and grow. It really left me with a lot of self awareness and opening to my self and helped me excel allow my path. Being with so many like minded people made me so confident to continue to just step into who I am more without any reservations. Not only that but literally the energy of the group was just so pure, positive, light and love. I hadn't truly realized until I got back home how different vibration the group of people existed at compared to many people I interact with day to day. I am still so peaceful and happy more and more each day since getting back. I feel an overall raised vibration. My daily life is similar but how I show up for myself and others has changed. It’s hard to describe! People have asked me when they interact with me or talk to me that something is different. It’s difficult to describe the experience in words. Cannot wait for more people to experience the love and healing you both provide people to see their own love and how we are our own best healers if we can tap into our best highest self. When is the next retreat?


Such a great experience! I highly recommend everyone create time in their life for this. So powerful and so much wisdom shared and received. I'm so grateful for the experience I enjoyed at this retreat. Can't wait to go again!


Amanda and Holly led a beautiful retreat. It flowed well and had some great exercises and activities. The people there were also amazing. I would highly recommend this event.


“The retreat was a beautiful experience. Location was exquisite and comfortable. Loved the teachings, and open discussions - complete with many take-always! My husband and I came with open hearts and left full of gratitude. Amanda is an amazing and gifted teacher, the space she held was sacred, beautiful and safe.

One of my favorite parts was the multiple meditations she led.

I would highly recommend attending any of Amanda’s retreats for anyone looking to up level their personal growth. And I imagine you will leave with a few more beautiful souls, you’ll now see as friends.”

-Kelly & Jessica Devenish

"When I first decided to go to this retreat I truly had no idea what to expect. All I knew is that my heart had been hurting and I was looking for tools or ways to help heal it. This retreat surpassed any expectation I previously had. I gained tools insight a community and most importantly felt a huge shift in my heart. The retreat in itself was informational and transformative, but I would say it’s what came after the retreat that has truly been incredible. Those few days with Holly and Amanda set me up to experience healing like never before. I’m so grateful I went and I highly highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to heal their heart!"