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Guided MeditationJourney's


As a Shaman, one of my favorite things to do is step into this space with you and take you on a guided journey. These are powerful practices and each meditation journey is unique!

If you are new to meditating or looking for deeper practices to assist you in going deeper in those places within, you are in the right place. Below you will see a variety of meditations to meet you wherever you are.

Leaving Religion Guided Meditation Bundle


This offering is for all four of my guided journeys to assist you in going deeper after leaving religion. They are meant to do in order so you will take it like a course. Each meditation is a beautiful release which allows for openings and new awareness's to come in.

Start first with the God death process guided journey. Then, when you feel ready, step into my guided process to clearing and releasing promises, covenants, cords and ordinances. This is a very powerful process. Once this is complete, join me as we reconnect you to heaven and earth. And finally, the last meditation in this bundle, is a guided journey to see what the new relationship with god / the divine gets to look like for you.


Custom Meditation

Want a customized meditation just for you? Feeling a bit stuck and know you need something, but not sure what, this may be a great option for you. After we spend time on a quick discovery call, I will then tap into your higher self and be guided to create your personalized meditation.



Are you looking for a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and how you can shift your inner world so that your outer world will reflect the change? Apply to work with me in my three month program.

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