Guided MeditationJourney's


As a Shaman, one of my favorite things to do is step into this space with you and take you on a guided journey. These are powerful practices and each meditation journey is unique!

If you are new to meditating or looking for deeper practices to assist you in going deeper in those places within, you are in the right place. Below you will see a variety of meditations to meet you wherever you are.

Leaving Religion Guided Meditation Bundle


This offering is for all four of my guided journeys to assist you in going deeper after leaving religion. They are meant to do in order so you will take it like a course. Each meditation is a beautiful release which allows for openings and new awareness's to come in.

Start first with the God death process guided journey. Then, when you feel ready, step into my guided process to clearing and releasing promises, covenants, cords and ordinances. This is a very powerful process. Once this is complete, join me as we reconnect you to heaven and earth. And finally, the last meditation in this bundle, is a guided journey to see what the new relationship with god / the divine gets to look like for you.


Clearing Your Energy Centers Meditation

Join me in this gentle meditation, using your breath, to bring awareness & attention to each chakra system. As we bring awareness into each space we get to bring attention here to notice what needs to be felt or witnessed. Then I will guide you to release all that is no longer serving and allow yourself to come to a zero point. This mediation is a beautiful start to your day. The more you do this, the easier it will become and the more centered you will feel throughout your day.

Are you ready to feel lighter?

Death & Rebirth Guided Journey Process 

You are here because you are feeling the tiredness and the exhaustion of an old aspect of you that is asking to be put to rest. There is an aspect that has been in the drivers seat that is ready to be sent home. When we let an aspect die, we give room for a new aspect of ourselves to come in. With death comes rebirth.

Often, when we feel like we are done in life it's usually a part of us asking to die and be sent home. 

Are you feeling exhausted? 

Wanting to be done?

You wonder how you can keep going?

Join me is this mini session as we clear the parts of you that are ready to be put to rest.

Are you ready?

Connecting Heaven & Earth Meditation

Bring awareness & attention to both your connection to the earth and to the heavens bridging the energies with you. As we move through this meditation you will cleans and fortify your energy field, clearing anything that is lower vibration out of your field. By the end of this meditation, you will feel more connected and more solid in who you are and your connection to both earth & heaven.

Are you ready to feel more stable?

Unplug & Upgrade Journey

Join me as I guide you into disconnecting your circuits of energy, allow for a clearing to happen, then re-connect allowing for new information to come in and allowing for you to up level.

As you disconnect you allow for the old ways of being to fully die. Then by reconnecting to both heaven and earth this reboots your system and allows for a new connection to be had and received.

This is a very powerful journey.

Are you ready to reboot?

Raise the Frequency of Every Cell

Join me in this 9 minute practice as I guide you through a visualization to clear and cleanse each and every cell. Do you have illness, sickness or even unwanted toxins in the cells? This visualization will assist you in cleansing the cells easily and effortlessly.
You are a powerful creator and simply by your intention and practicing this visualization, you will upgrade and up level each and every cell and in turn your body.
This practice does call on your spiritual team as well as Christ to assist in the process.

Ready to feel energized?

Go Deeper

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of why you do what you do and how you can shift your inner world so that your outer world will reflect the change? Apply to work with me in my one-on-one transformative three month program.

Feeling the call?