Yep! I burned my book.

What part of your story still defines you?

Over a year ago I wrote and published a book. It was something I felt called to do and it is something I am proud that I did. It was real, raw, vulnerable and authentic.

I remember while on a walk, listening to Abraham Hicks. She had been asked about writing your story. Specifically the person had asked about her desire to write about her story in overcoming addiction in hopes it would help others. Abraham’s response was that by writing it she would continue to anchor and activate her past. This was interesting to hear and I questioned myself on if I should continue writing my story. Ultimately I felt I should continue, so I did.

When I published I felt the activation that was happening with others reading my story. I was grateful I was aware of this and I cleared the energy out and cleared my field.

I didn’t advertise my book much, I never really wanted to. I just knew to write it and publish it. For the individuals who have read it I’ve received positive feedback, told it’s a page turner, and it’s helped some people in moving past some relationship trauma, which is why I wrote it in the first place. For that I feel grateful.

For a few months now I’ve wondered if my book is now more harmful than helpful. Different comments would be said or things felt and I questioned if I should take it down.

I love how the universe works and how if we pay attention to the breadcrumbs we get the answers we are seeking, always.

Last weekend I had an experience that was my final ‘breadcrumb’ to take my book down. It felt to literally burn it, so I did. What I recognized so clearly is that while I told myself I wasn’t activating this part of my story, I was and it truly is time to put this version of myself to rest. Along with the Inanda Joy version. That’s another story 🙃

So I honor myself for listening to the call, writing this book, publishing it and now burning it. What a fascinating journey!

I’m looking forward to writing more books. I have had a few coming in for some time now. These books will be a bit different, however 😉

I hope you take time to honor your journey and all that you are because you are magnificent! ✨🌻

I am in the process of writing a new book, Leaving Religion & Those We Leave Behind. I am excited to share this new book with you that will be coming out soon. This one I don't think I will end up burning as it is quite different. But you never know!


Love & The Spaces In Between


When I closed the doors to my clothing company that I had of over 12 years, I felt the call to write a book. The book I thought I would be writing would be about my life, my business and the lessons that I have learned.

Little did I know that the book that wanted to be written was about my love and relationships! This is a vulnerable and raw book from my perspective of the love and loss that I experienced, the spaces in between and the many tools I gained through the process.

Sometimes it's the fourth time that is the charm! 


This is a beautifully raw sharing of a life full of love, trauma, loss, beauty, pain, and personal growth. This is an important read for any young woman embarking on a journey of self-discovery. It is also a wonderful read for the woman who has traveled much of her journey and can use a different perspective. The poetry that is included is beautiful and adds a wonderful texture to the writing. The self reflection Inanda includes throughout the book is helpful and prompts one to consider past decisions and current life experiences. I highly recommend this book!


Inanda Joy shares her personal journey in such a vulnerable way that allowed me to connect and relate. I particularly enjoyed the self reflective questions after each chapter that assisted me in seeing some of the hard to see places in my own past relationships. Her wisdom has given me confidence of being in my currently new relationship and believing that it will reflect my own personal healing journey I have embarked on. I highly recommend this powerful read!


I can’t tell you how much I love this book! Inanda’s Journey has absolutely giving me healing and comfort. Once I started reading I had a very hard time putting it down and the only reason why I put it down is because I had to go to sleep. Her words are beautifully written which gave me a sense of peace and understanding with things that I have going on in my own life.

I will continue to re-read this book over and over again. This book is an absolute gift. Thank you Inanda!

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