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Every single one of you, at one time or another, has desired the fairytale type of love. Right? This idea of your one and only, your true love. However, sometimes what we thought was true love ended up being painful,

dull or disastrous. 

There are many reasons why we attract different partners and struggle in relationships. It could have been from having a dysfunctional family system growing up, or abuse, or even just simple heartbreak that creates resistance to opening back up.

Are you ready to have a beautiful love?

Have you felt like there is no one for you?

Maybe you have had your heartbroken one too many times!

Maybe you are in a relationship right now and your heart feels heavy as you know it could be better! But the idea of divorce is starting to face you.

Or you have experienced abusive partners.

Wherever you land, healing first starts with you. 

I have a hard truth for you, if you are attracting these things in your life it is because of something within you.  The good news is that YOU can create a different reality! You are the one that can change your life and only you.

By doing your work, getting my online 12-week course, you will watch your relationships change as you apply the learning and exercises in your life. 

You can feel the freedom of having a beautiful co-creative, not dependent, relationship.


Relationship Course 2.0 

This beautiful relationship course will assist you in clearing the chains within that are preventing you from having a divine partnership. You are deserving of a divine and sacred love. You can have it in this life if you are willing to put in the work to clear those parts of you that are asking to be looked at and cleared.

All you have to do is say yes to yourself. 

Are you ready to say yes?


The challenges I have gone through in life have given me the greatest gifts. Through my own personal healing and study I have spent hundreds of hours not only doing my own personal work, but studying to become a Shamanic Practitioner, an NLP Practitioner, Author & Podcaster. In all of what I have learned, and in what I create, I feel my souls calling is to assist you in claiming your freedom, your liberation, by breaking the chains that bind through the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.


Here is a glimpse at some of the content my 12-week course offers.

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