In order to take that leap into who truly are, it requires letting go of who you used to be.

Upcoming Experiences


-Elevated Life Mastermind group starting Jan 8th. Click here.

-Busting Out of The Illusions Experience (for singles only) Jan 13th in Highland, UT. Click here for more info.

-Igniting The Sacred Fires of The Feminine Retreat (for women only) March 16th-19th in Springdale, UT. Click here for more info. 

-Each month we will offer singles experiences, click here to join our FB group.


One on One

Are you looking for some extra guidance in your life and want a dedicated space with just you and I? Click here to contact me.



Are you feeling the call to breakthrough some blocks or barriers you are feeling in your life? Are you ready to have a quantum leap? Cultivating a unique weekend tailored to you and your needs using NLP & Shamanic techniques you will walk away from this weekend changed. If you are ready to breakthrough and be done with what is holding you back then this is for you.

Want to dive in? Click here.

Alchemy Within 


Coming 2023

Are you ready to burn the scripts? Join myself and other powerful speakers for an immersive event that will leave you empowered and uplifted. We are in a place in our world where it is time to let go of what we have known so that we can create something new. Are you ready?

Want to be a speaker at this event? Email [email protected] to be considered.

Tickets Available Soon