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"Fear is excitement without breath."

- Fritz Perls

Do you have a desire to expand, to learn more and reach more of your potential in this life?


In order to take that leap into who truly are, it requires letting go of who you used to be.

Join me, and other amazing individuals that I have collaborated with, as we provide ways in which you can expand.

Upcoming Events

Group Mentorship

Six week group starts July 6th

Feel supported as you move through the transitions in your life. Price is $666 for the mentorship. To secure your spot, email [email protected]


  • Weekly Zoom calls
  • Daily accountability & plan
  • Free mini relationship course
  • Two of my meditations for free, your choice.
  • Tools & guided meditations each week to assist you in feeling like you not only are surviving by thriving.

Mini Retreat

July 15th & 16th Alpine, UT

Are you needing a little boost in your life but don't have time this summer for a full retreat? Come join Sarah Eyre and I as we step into a supportive space geared towards moving you past blocks in your life. PS. We do this through a lot of play and fun! Want to come play with us?

Food and lodging are on your own.

Friday we will begin at 4pm - 7pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm.

Email [email protected]m for more info.

Email [email protected]

Evolving You Getaway

Sept 2nd-5th, Springdale, UT

Are you ready to step outside of time and space and join Sarah Eyre and I as we spend 4 days and 4 nights together in a stunning home at the base of Zions National Park?

When Sarah and I create spaces together they are powerful! Each experience is unique to the group and each of you who chooses to say yes to you! Are you excited to see what places inside you get to evolve into more of what you are wanting to become?

We can't wait! Registration opening soon.


Burning The Scripts Symposium

Oct 2nd, Highland, UT

Are you ready to burn the scripts? Join myself and other powerful speakers for an immersive event that will leave you empowered and uplifted. We are in a place in our world where it is time to burn the scripts of what we have known so that we can create something new. Are you ready?

Want to be a speaker at this event? Email [email protected] to be considered.

Tickets Available Soon